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So what’s getting in the way of you reaching your growth goals at this very moment?

According to many business owners it is often down to missing elements in the following areas:

Sales Strategy Development

How to develop a viable battle plan that’s fit for purpose in the current economic situation to steer the organisation towards growth

Process for Enabling Sales Activity

Implementing the tools & resources to support conversations with qualified prospects resulting in better conversions & productivity

Sales Management

How to equip your sales team in building strong relationships with your channel partners to improve client retention and profitability

Have you asked the following questions?

Are you clear on who really stands to benefit from your product? 

Are you clear as to why that is? 

How are you approaching conversations to those with access to the customers you’ve identified as a great fit for your product?

How are you structuring your deals with your channel partners? 

What does your offer include to ensure an equitable channel partnership going forward? 

What level of post sale support do you offer to ensure the customer keeps coming back?

How can you improve your customer retention rate?

What are you doing to innovate your offer to keep customers returning and attract new ones?

How can you become easier to do business with and diminish the risk of opening doors for your competition?

"How can I grow my business sustainably through working with the right distribution partners without coming across as opportunistic in these challenging times?"

Take Action to Adapt & Revive your manufacturing business  

Our Launchpad & MADE Business Growth Programmes have been designed to address these questions by working with you to create predictable revenue opportunities to deliver sustainable growth

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The Launchpad Business Growth Programme adopts the inbound sales methodology to enable our clients develop predictable and sustainable growth that is aligned with their stage in the business lifecycle.

It typically supports those producers and manufacturers who have progressed beyond start-up phase and are now entering the growth phase of their business.

The MADE Business Growth programme takes this idea a step further and goes beyond the conventional linear sales funnel whereby the goal and end point is to convert your prospect into a customer. The problem with relying on this approach to grow your business is that you must keep on topping up the funnel which is not always sustainable in some industries.

To grow a business quicker and more sustainably the traditional linear sales funnel needs to become a circular shape and so your delighted customers become your biggest promoters. 

The better your business becomes at aligning itself with the buyer’s journey and providing a great customer experience the sooner you will find your prospects become customers before progressing onto becoming your promoters and this will result in more rapid growth for your business.


We work with Business Owners, Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors of Small and Medium sized manufacturing businesses to find the best way to deliver organic business growth that gets them from where they are to where they want to be quicker and sustainably.

Having spoken with many business owners, the issues that crop up regularly is that while they offer a fantastic product and are certainly passionate about what they do, they are not always sure of the best way to engage with their prospects. Or when they have been successful with a particular route to market then they are not completely comfortable developing another. Even when they convert their opportunities into sales it then becomes a different challenge entirely being able to retain them and getting them to repeat their purchases. In summary they are doing a lot of things well which while resulting in sales revenue they are not quite getting the traction that reflects the effort they are putting into their growth.

Almost anyone you ask will certainly have negative opinions about sales people but those sales tactics that make you recoil are out of date and if they happen to work on occasion they are certainly not sustainable going forward. 

I work with my clients to create professional business development systems that  create high-quality sales conversations. My aim is to maximise opportunities and minimise unnecessary expenditure through strategic business development. 

If you want to know more about how I can help you then contact me, an experienced business consultant, to arrange a consultation today.