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Getting the Right Business Development Foundations for Your Commercial Success

We work with manufacturers who sell via channel partners, distributors and resellers. We work in partnership with them to implement growth programmes that focuses on the key areas of lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement. The aim is to deliver competitive advantage for businesses that are making great products by marketing them in a more effective way to achieve their growth goals.

The programme is developed by reviewing the following areas of your business to understand what elements can be optimised to deliver your growth aspirations.

Your Sales Strategy

We take a look at your business, your market and your growth aspirations. We then develop a plan to get you there

Your Sales Process

These are the tools, systems, policies and procedures to deliver your sales strategy. Of course, we cannot ignore the fact we are engaging with people after all so we will develop the soft skills for sales success too!

Your Sales Campaign

Let’s get started and put everything in place to realise your efforts, fine tuning as we go to ensure your sales engine is making all the right noises

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We work with Business Owners, Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors of Small and Medium sized manufacturing businesses to find the best way to deliver organic business growth that gets them from where they are to where they want to be quicker and sustainably.

Having spoken with many business owners, the issues that crop up regularly is that while they offer a fantastic product and are certainly passionate about what they do, they are not always sure of the best way to engage with their prospects. Or when they have been successful with a particular route to market then they are not completely comfortable developing another. Even when they convert their opportunities into sales it then becomes a different challenge entirely being able to retain them and getting them to repeat their purchases. In summary they are doing a lot of things well which while resulting in sales revenue they are not quite getting the traction that reflects the effort they are putting into their growth.

Almost anyone you ask will certainly have negative opinions about sales people but those sales tactics that make you recoil are out of date and if they happen to work on occasion they are certainly not sustainable going forward. 

I work with my clients to create professional business development systems that  create high-quality sales conversations. My aim is to maximise opportunities and minimise unnecessary expenditure through strategic business development. 

If you want to know more about how I can help you then contact me, an experienced business consultant, to arrange a consultation today.