Our Sales Services provide the systems, tools & resources you require to sell

your products & services more confidently.


The workshops, challenges, growth programmes & packages

have been designed to enable you to achieve your growth goals. 


Sales Pipeline Development 


A 4 week lead generation challenge designed to build your sales pipeline to ensure you maintain a strong sales performance going forward.


Over the 4 weeks you will:

  • Get clear on your goals and laying down the foundations for success
  • Sort out your systems for scaling
  • Reach out to your ideal clients to start building your sales pipeline
  • Develop your follow up process to keep your ideal clients engaged and primed for conversion


Suitable for scaling businesses that have grown successfully using their networks & existing contacts but want to reach out to a broader audience


Prospecting Plus



Need predictable lead generation?


Sales prospecting is typically a laborious & time consuming task that business owners and sales professionals often overlook - yet it's an essential part of the sales process. So with that in mind, what can be done to stack odds in your favour to create a healthy pipeline of qualified prospects?


Simply sign up to one of our Prospecting Plus programmes leveraging technology & an understanding of buying behaviour to amplify your prospecting performance & achieve your growth goals.


Suitable for start ups and established businesses alike that are aware they need to ramp up their prospecting efforts to achieve sales quota 

Sales Strategy Development


Sign up for a strategy development boardroom 

session to get clear on what needs to be done to 

scale your business to enable you to achieve your growth goals.


In this half day session you will:

  • Get clear on your goals
  • Develop your ideal customer profile
  • Articulate your proposition statement
  • Map your sales process
  • Review your system requirements
  • Develop your content plan
  • Understand your key performance metrics


Suitable for scaling businesses that require the clarity to further accelerate their business growth

Launchpad Business Growth Programme


6 weeks sales accelerator programme designed to enable you to CONNECT, ENGAGE & CONVERT your ideal clients


It's about providing the RIGHT MESSAGE, to the 



Get clarity in terms of your sales and marketing 

by putting in place the systems to support your 

growth goals


Ideal for Founders, Owners & MDs of micro businesses looking to scale on a limited budget


The programme is designed for those businesses in the start-up phase that are looking to enter the next growth phase of their business

GROWS Business Growth Programme

12 weeks sales accelerator based on our GROWS methodology designed to get your sales foundations and systems set for growth

Develop a sales playbook of tools and tactics that will ATTRACT, ENGAGE & DELIGHT your ideal client

Increase the Lifetime Value of your clients and leverage the relationships to build momentum to scale your business

Ideal for Founders, Owners, MDs, Directors of Sales & Marketing of established small businesses 

The programme is designed for those businesses that have scaled steadily but 

are looking to amplify their efforts significantly to reach their next business milestone

Sales Services & Retainer 



The Sales Services & Retainer Packages are done 

with you solutions designed to address your business development challenges while enabling you to hit your growth goals


The growth packages will put in place the foundations, sales systems and resources that will enable you to scale your business and accelerate 

your growth. 


Ideal for Founders, Owners, MDs/CEOs, Directors of Sales & Marketing of established small to medium manufacturing & software development companies 

Get the CLARITY, COMPETENCECONFIDENCE to take your business to the next revenue milestone and beyond!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are looking to grow organically through sales but you don’t know how to get started
  • You are getting a lot of inquiries through from your marketing activities but these are not converting into sales
  • You have been using the same business development processes since you started out which have been effective but are no longer delivering the results they used to
  • You have a high customer attrition rate which you want to slow down

We offer sales programmes designed to support you in creating and implementing a sales playbook for your business that includes the framework, systems, processes and collateral required to address the specific challenges identified above. 

Our packages are designed with your growth aspirations in mind.

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