Introducing Sian Thomas, the Founder

I’m Sian Thomas the Founder of Integrow Sales Solutions, a sales consultant for manufacturers and software development companies.

Over the course of my career I’ve worked with many businesses developing growth strategies to help them scale, delivering at least 10X return on investment. I’m also contributing author to Sales Genius Volume 2 - an Amazon Best Seller in the sales category.


I develop and implement business growth programmes to share best practices and useful resources to enable many more businesses to scale and grow sustainably. This focuses on creating the right message for the right person at the right time to get sales conversations started, increase customer conversions and more importantly improve customer retention rates resulting in predictable revenue generation for the business.

What I do for you

The pillars I have built my GROWS methodology on is providing manufacturing and software development companies with clarity, competence & confidence to scale their business to achieve strong revenue growth.


All too often these businesses do not have a robust enough sales strategy in place to achieve their growth goals (if they have one at all). Or that it may not be compatible with where they are at their stage of the business lifecycle. This could result in them employing the wrong tactics or making costly mistakes that get in the way of their business growth.

Without a suitable sales strategy the business almost certainly won’t have a suitable sales infrastructure to deliver their revenue goals.

This ultimately means that the resources available to them are not being used to their full potential which may result in poor revenue performance and could potentially put their business survival at risk.


My approach is to develop a growth driven culture within the sales organisation by laying the right foundations, systems and sales acceleration processes for success.


For me it's exciting to see the business transformation taking place!


It’s with this in mind I’ve put together a range of business growth programmes and sales services to develop comprehensive growth strategies for manufacturing and software development businesses working on the principles of:


* engaging the right person

* with the right message

* at the right time


The aim is to deliver competitive advantage for businesses that are making great products by marketing them more effectively to achieve their growth goals.

Why I do what I do

Who does not love coming across a great product? Especially when it's borne from an exceptional event or captivating back story.

It's not difficult to understand how powerful this is when you see how many turn out to hear from entrepreneurs who've done exactly that! Creating something that captures our imagination as a result of an unexpected event, astute observation, gutsy endeavour or even a business calling.

I love working with purpose driven business owners who create remarkable products that tackles a real problem or challenge they've identified.

It's for this reason I'm aligning my business goals to help create more opportunities for those wanting to turn their passion into profits.

The purpose for doing this is twofold:

Why i do what i do

  • To support the creation of decent work and economic growth in areas that are often overlooked or may be struggling during these challenging times.

  • To promote responsible consumerism and production so that we are not causing any unnecessary harm in the process.

This has become increasingly important to me now given the tough economic situation we’re facing whilst understanding the impact our commercial activities are having on the environment.

This focus of mine has drawn inspiration from the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

So what goals are important to you?